What to Do with Old Tech? Repurpose It

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An old digital camera can become a security camera. An old laptop could run marketing videos on a loop during open houses. An old smartphone can become a video feed.

SAN FRANCISCO – As you replace phones, tablets, and laptops with the newest models, don’t just toss outdated gear into a dusty drawer. Wired.com recently highlighted ways to repurpose old tech for everything from security cameras to e-readers.

An old smartphone can provide an always-on video feed that another phone can tap into. It can be used as a security camera monitoring your own home or on showing appointments if you have access to Wi-Fi. Existing software can turn a phone into a security camera. Tablets can be repurposed too.

An old digital camera can be used as a webcam to improve the video quality of Zoom calls. You’ll also be able to position your webcam from an angle as opposed to relying on the straightforward cameras that are built into your laptop or computer screen. Camera makers such as Sony, Canon and Fujifilm have programs and guides to help.

Old laptops can be repurposed as media centers for videos and music that also saves hard drive space on a new laptop. Try programs such as Plex or Kodi for storage solutions, Wired.com suggests.

Or turn an old tablet into a digital photo frame to show off photos during home showings. Keep it plugged in and propped up. Explore third-party apps, including Fotoo for Android tablets and LiveFrame for iPads, for digital photo frame tools.

Wired.com offers other recommendations for repurposing old tech.

Source: “How to Repurpose Your Old Gadgets,” Wired.com (Oct. 18, 2020)

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