The ‘Cloffice’: Is It a Closet? Or Is It an Office?

In a search for home office space, some people have opened doors, pushing clothes and boxes aside to turn one of their closets into a small office.

Pressed for space to work, some remote workers are reimagining closets – the “cloffice.” The latest trend in home design finds its origins in the need to work from home during the pandemic. While dining room tables may have provided temporary space for a month or two, some people seeking more private space decided that a closet was their best alternative for privacy – and for many of them, it was their only alternative.

“For so many of us trying to type and Zoom through the chaos, the closet has become the last bastion for something resembling a dedicated office space,” a report says about the trend.

Pinterest calls the cloffice one of the hottest design trends for this year, saying, “Pinners are getting creative with closet doors. In 2021, we’ll all learn what a ‘cloffice’ is. Even when doors aren’t available, people will find new ways to create some personal space.”

When occupants decorate a cloffice, Ginger Curtis, owner of Urbanology Designs in Dallas, says good lighting, organization and comfort are key. Good overhead lighting is necessary in the absence of natural light. Bring in a desk and use a comfortable desk chair that fits properly.

Also, dress up the closet space with wallpaper or artwork on the walls. Designers also suggest using open shelving above the desk for organization, along with bookcases on the sides or vertical magazine files to store papers.

“Like many others during the pandemic, I tried to work in transitional spaces – the kitchen, living room, front door area, etc. It wasn’t working,” says Lahari Rao, who designed a cloffice for her at-home office. “I realized I owed much more importance to my workspace – it wasn’t selfish, but rather a self-care gesture to provide my mind and productivity the respect it deserves.”

Source: “The ‘Cloffice’ Is the New Cubicle: Expert Inspiration to Put That Closet to Work, Beautifully,”® (Feb. 1, 2021)

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  1. Megan Mitchell Villamar Reply

    How about a Baffice, when you have all your children and husband at home on zoom and teams and you have to hide in the bathroom to make phone calls!

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